German Kitchens vs Italian Kitchens

What’s the difference between a German kitchen and an Italian kitchen? Which kitchen type is better? Simply put, Italian kitchens are sleek, innovative, and conjure the image of large gatherings of friends and family. German kitchens are similar in that they use sleek looks and modular design, but the emphasis is on innovation. There is a difference between Italian-inspired kitchens and modern Italian kitchens. Modern Italian kitchens embrace a more modern kitchen aesthetic, which is similar to German kitchens.


Italian kitchens will sometimes have handles and hardware that is not built by the kitchen manufacturer. However, that isn’t the trend. Italian kitchens, just like German kitchens, usually come in modular kitchen cabinets that are prebuilt with the manufacturer’s proprietary hardware and kitchen accessories, just like Pedini Italian Kitchens. German kitchen cabinets don’t have traditional handles or nostalgic accessories.


Modern Italian kitchen design is very similar to German kitchen design. However, the non-modern Italian kitchen designs utilize a more classic style. Italian kitchens can have an old-world feel with a new design. This is where cabinetry with grooves and classic handles or knobs come into play. German kitchens don’t conjure feelings of nostalgia or images of large gatherings. They only utilize flat cabinetry and nearly never utilize handles or knobs.


Italian kitchens can be just as sleek and functional. This is typically the style of Pedini Italian Kitchens. However, Italian kitchens can also vary from sleek and modern to sleek and chic, or sleek and nostalgic. German kitchens are known for only being sleek and modern. They don’t deviate from that modern, cool feel, because they emphasize innovation and function.


Some of the oldest kitchen makers in the world are German companies. Many people find this endearing regardless of the similarity in design to modern Italian kitchens.

Which Kitchen Is Better?

There are many similarities between Modern Italian Kitchens and German Kitchens, so it comes down to which kitchen design company you like more. There are many differences for non-modern Italian kitchens (Italian-inspired kitchen), so it depends on the feel and atmosphere that you want in your home.

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