Get the latest trends and styles and the inside scoop on the most up to date bathroom sink and faucet styles. Find inspiration for your next bathroom redesign and remodel. If you are building a new home or starting to plan a renovation, you’ll find the chic and modern design inspiration to match your personal style.

Bathroom Sink & Faucet Trends

Do you remember the last time you used a restroom somewhere, and as you approach the sink to wash your hands thought, “Whoa, that’s a nice sink.” If you are redesigning your bathroom or just looking to upgrade the bathroom sink or faucet, then you want that feeling for yourself and your guests.

Bathroom Sink Trends

In 2016 and 2017, grey was the popular color for bathroom remodels. That is changing now. In 2018 darker tones were gaining in popularity and in 2019 it’s even more specific.

Sink Colors

Black is back as the new black in 2019. That’s right, the 90s are back (sort of). Although black bathroom walls and toilets are appearing, the black color trend is most notable in bathroom accessories like

  • Light fixtures
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Mirrors
  • Other fixtures

You will most of these fixtures in alluring matte black.

pedini matte black sink
Pedini Matte Black Sink

Blu Bathwork Fenix 45 Vanity

Blu Bathwork Fenix 45 Vanity – Black Sink & Black Vanity

Sink Styles

Just like with the comeback of black, there is a trend toward the old. Old styles coming back

  • Shades of brass and gold in bathroom sinks and toilets
  • Industrial sinks and vanities
  • Grey cement sinks with gold sink faucet and handles
  • Wood basins
  • Double basins
pedini double sink wood
Pedini Double Sink & Wood Vanity

Bathroom Faucet Trends

Faucet Colors

Alluring matte black faucets

Modern Bathroom Vanity Trends

Modern bathroom vanity trends are taking a page out of the book of modern European & modern Italian bathroom designers. Things like minimalism, open shelving, floating vanities are huge right now.

Bathroom vanity trends:

  • Minimalist vanities
  • Wood vanities
  • Open shelving
  • Floating bathroom vanity
pedini 45 open bathroom shelving wood and floating vanity
Pedini 45 Open Shelving, Floating Wood Vanity

Modern bathroom sink design trends are swinging toward what Europeans already knew – sleek and modern is better.

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