European & Italian Bathroom Vanities

Build your bathroom design around a vanity that meets your style and needs. As a highly used space home, your bathroom should be attractive and functional. Your vanity is the cornerstone of your bathroom design because the vanity acts as a visual anchor and highly used functional part of the bathroom. The functions, of course, are washing and storage. If you have a small bathroom, you will want to utilize all the space that you have. The minimalist and sleek style of the European bathroom vanity offers the versatility to be the centerpiece of large and small bathrooms.

European & Italian Vanity & Cabinets Design

The keystone features of European bathroom design is minimalism and clean lines in the vanity. The clean-lined, uniformity in Italian and European bathroom design is rooted in mid-century modern design trends. These aspects can offer an instant update to your bathroom.

Other hallmarks of European bathroom vanities are handleless doors, drawers, and open shelving. They usually take pride in being stylish, space-saving solutions for modern bathrooms.

Colored vanities are also a popular trend in European and Italian bathrooms. Simple and straightforward finishes complement a modern design.

Floating vanities make for clean-looking, uncluttered spaces, and contribute sleek and functional elegance. It also makes cleaning the bathroom floor much easier because they are raised off of the ground, and there are no legs to get in the way of sweeping and mopping.

Pedini Italian Bathroom

Pedini Italian Bathroom

European Design Characteristics

  • Clean-lined
  • Uniformity
  • Floating
  • Space-saving
  • Sleek
  • No external handles or knobs

Modern Vanity & Cabinet Design

People frequently interchange modern and contemporary when speaking about design. There is some overlap, but mostly they are different as each has a specific look.

  • Modern design – minimalism, neutral colors, clean lines, natural materials, pops of bright color
  • Contemporary design – evolves and incorporates current styles and tastes making it more fluid; bold strikingness of contrasting colors
Blu Bathwork Fenix 45 Vanity

Blu Bathwork Fenix 45 Vanity – Black Vanity & Black Sink

Authentic Italian Craftsmanship

Italian craftsmanship is marked by elegance, durability, and function. Pedini Wellness adds to these with the flexibility of personalizing your bathroom design, and Blu Bathworks is designed to be the complete bathroom solution.

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