Blu Bathworks

The BLU Bathworks product line is designed to be the complete bathroom solution. Collections are inspired by internal designs molded with functionality. Durability and function are complemented by minimalist style and ample use of bold colors & high-end finishes. Your bathroom will shock and awe.

High standards are the standard for BLU Bathworks. That means continuous strict product quality control. BLU’s high standards include always improving and increasing product offerings. To do that, Blu continuously works with the architect and design community for new ideas and insights.

BLU Bathworks means international beauty, quality, and the latest technology.

Being the complete modern bathware solution, Blu Bathworks offers a wonderful range of rich and unique products that are fully certified in the North American market. Collections include:

  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Shower bases
  • Basins
  • Countertops
  • Tapware
  • Shower systems
  • Toilets & bidets
  • Furniture
  • Accessories

All designed to work in harmony or as standalone pieces.

Blu Bathworks Photos

Blu Stone, Tapware, and furniture

Blu Bathworks Catalogs

blu stone™ Tapware

blu•stone™ Bathware

blu Tapware

blu Tapware

blu Furniture

blu Furniture

Blu Bathworks Vanities


Basins are created from signature blu·stone™ material that is high pressure injection molded from 80% quartzite. This dynamic material is durable and eco-friendly. Crafted in Italy, blu·stone™ requires less energy to produce and is recyclable

and repairable in nature.


blu·stone™ basins are non-porous, stain and impact resistant making them hygienic and durable for daily uses. Easy to remove make-up stains, and can be readily repairable, the blu·stone™ basins are perfect for any household.

One-Piece Design

Beautiful one-piece design offers a cleaner and more modern aesthetic. There is also no seams or cracks for germs/mold to hide, making it more hygienic and easy to clean.

Color + Texture

A range of vibrant and modern coloration of vessel sinks and pedestals can be ordered to suit any interior design goals. Thecolors are homogeneous, meaning the color is consistent throughout the basin. The blu·stone™ feels like natural stone, making

the experience much more enjoyable. Like the bathtub collection, embossing is available in selected models.

Design Flexibility

Besides being easily molded, blu·stone™ integrated vanity tops and countertops can be cut accordingly to fit projects on-site. Similar to wood’s tangibility, it can be sawed, drilled, milled, and ground with hard tipped tools.

Blu Bathworks Bathtubs Types

Freestanding Bathtubs

Metrix Bathtubs

blu bathworks freestanding tubs Metrix line - bt102

Azure Bathtubs

blu bathworks freestanding tubs azure line

Coco Bathtubs

blu bathworks freestanding tubs coco line

Halo Bathtubs

blu bathworks freestanding tubs halo line

Luna Bathtubs

blu bathworks freestanding tub luna line

Fini Bathtubs

blu bathworks freestanding tub fini line

Alcove Bathtubs

blu bathworks alcove tubs

Designer Bathtubs

blu bathworks designer tubs

Amanpuri Bathtubs (tubs with storage)

blu bathworks AMANPURI tubs WITH STORAGE

Bathtub Finishes

  • Matte

Visually luminous and highly tactile, matte finish is soft, almost warm – to the touch and invokes a minimalist, architectural quality.

  • Gloss

High gloss finish is available for select blu·stone™ pieces, which adds a modern touch and enhances design coordination.

  • Embossed

A selection of blu·stone™ pieces are available with an exterior embossed design, which creates texture and personalization.

White Matte is the standard.

Bathtub Colors

  • White Gloss
  • Concrete – matte & gloss
  • Black – matte & gloss
  • White Embossed – matte & gloss
  • Concrete Embossed – matte & gloss
  • Black Embossed – matte & gloss
  • Biscuit – matte & gloss
  • Lime – matte & gloss
  • Red – matte & gloss
  • Blue – matte & gloss
  • Orange – matte & gloss
  • Yellow – matte & gloss
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