Custom Italian bath cabinetry allows you to hide the clutter and increase storage capacity.

The Wellness product line was designed to give your bathroom elegance, durability, function, and flexibility for personalization. Your bathroom will be unique, yet maintain the Pedini look and feel.

Wellness is a solution for a beautiful bathroom with more storage, and easier access. More storage usually means more reaching and bending to access stored items. The ergonomic design of the Wellness collection reduces that reaching and bending accompanied with more storage.


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Wellness by Pedini Catalog


Bathroom Sinks & Vanities

Contemporary Style Vanity Units

Vanities are the foundation of the Pedini bath system. Wellness offers a large selection of wall-hanging units with doors and drawers to create any bath configuration. The bathroom vanities in Wellness by Pedini:

  • Wall-mounted Vanity Units
  • Vanity Unit With Drawers
  • Wood Vanity Units
  • Walnut Vanity Units

Wellnes 01


Wall-mounted walnut vanity unit with drawers

LAY-OUT: Linear

CARCASS: Anthracite

OPENING: Handle, groove.‎

Wellness 01 – Refined

This program is characterized by customized proposals and care for details, planned with advanced technologies and finished off by the manual skill of master craftsmen. All made in Italy.

Base cabinets and worktop in Canaletto walnut, sides and worktop in white Cristalplant with integrated sink and wall cabinets in matt white. The lightness, the simplicity and the stylistic balance are the features of this layout with generous storage and ease of usage.

The elegance of the walnut perfectly matches with white Cristalplant, durable, resistant, flexible, hygienic and non-toxic material, used on several surfaces. This proposal combines harmonious shapes and technical quality for a guaranteed ergonomic comfort.

Wellnes 02

wellness 02

Lacquered wall-mounted vanity unit with drawers

LAY-OUT: Linear

CARCASS: Anthracite

OPENING: Handle, groove.‎

Wellness 02 – Floating, Individual Combinations

In complete symbiosis with nature: the total white bathroom cabinet integrates perfectly with a comfortable and wide space made of harmonic volumes, dedicated to the quality of life.

Modularity of open cabinets.

wellness02 plan

Two heights for this open cabinet that fit easily to any bathroom layout, or at the end of the floating cabinets

Useful cabinet, it is characterized by the practicality of the double opening and by the possibility to be completed with a full height mirror.

Pleasant visibility. Free integration of functional elements that minimize the matter, amplify the space and reflect emotions. From the spacious and free storage to the illuminated mirror, they all provide a total service.

Wellness is a free system of cabinets and accessories that are integrated and coordinated in order to occupy the smallest possible space. They ensure full accessibility, minimizing the matter and enhance the action space.

‘Go into detail’. A base that offers a levels effect between depths and heights, where aesthetics are controlled but functionality is absolute. Elegant chrome handles.

Wellness 03

wellness 03

Single wall-mounted vanity unit with drawers

LAY-OUT: Linear

CARCASS: Anthracite

OPENING: Handle, groove.‎


Wellness 03 – Floating, Box “The Mini Containers”

wellness03 plans

The ease of changing. The aim was to create a “sartorial” living space, made for those who experience it, meeting the needs related to wellness and design. Canaletto walnut and white cristalplant.

Not only beautiful but also practical. Today a more prevailing concept, which affects the quality of living and organizes more and more attractive spaces with co-ordinated and integrated elements and solutions. For wellness as a lifestyle.

Wellness 04

Wellness 04

Wall-mounted Fenix-NTM vanity unit with drawers

LAY-OUT: Linear

CARCASS: Anthracite

OPENING: Handle, groove.‎


Wellness 05 – Practicality

Laminate Fenix bronze, etched glass white and matte lacquer white.

The bathroom, a world without frontiers, a place to rediscover an ancient wellness and to take care of the only good thing without which everything else is nothing: the body! Wellness: trendy solutions, with strong functional and expressive content, which interpret different stylistic types with particular attention to safety.

In compliance with the most essential lines takes shape a friendly and warm environment, dressed in materiality and volumes.

A wall and a lot of creative freedom. What is needed to develop, a useful and contemporary composition of cabinets “Free lance”, dedicated to closed or open, horizontal or vertical storage.

Modularity of wall units “Free lance”
wellness05 plans

Here everything is in matte white, or matched to the elegant grey dew, creating compositions full of lightness and service.

Wellness 05

Wellness 05

Single wall-mounted vanity unit with doors.

LAY-OUT: Linear

CARCASS: Anthracite

OPENING: Handle, groove.‎


The ease of changing. Wellness lends itself easily to changes and knows how to adapt naturally to the needs of dwellers. Here with laminate doors Fenix bronze and white frosted glass worktop.

Wellness 06

wellness 06

LAY-OUT: Linear

CARCASS: Anthracite

OPENING: Handle, groove.‎

MATERIAL: Ecomalta

Wellness 06 – Materiality

For a long time bathroom furniture is subjected to double research: aesthetics and materials.

If the first has led to break down the distinctions between home furniture and bathroom furniture, the second has led to the use of technical materials increasingly able to withstand any stress.

Efficient, attentive to ergonomics, beautiful to look at, these pieces of furniture are increasingly equipped with new features to improve the comfort of living.

The lightness of the lacquered and of ecomalta, respectively characterise the composition. The steel wash basin is covered with ecomalta.

Wellness 07

fortow wellness 07

Wellness 07 – Fortow

It is an innovative bathroom meant to be lived in by two people simultaneously but independently. Aimed at optimizing space, presents a sober and refined design provided with total “concealed storage”.

The opening with groove underlines the elegance of this proposal.

Two washbasins, a large surface area and a composite organisation, dictated by rationality and search for original and elegant colours, characterise this proposal. The mirrors “Newcastle” have integrated lighting.

Modularity and integration of base cabinets.

Designed by a careful hand, the good sense of proportion and an efficient spirit solves with great style an established dimensional necessity.

wellness 07 plans

Bathroom Furniture Colors & Finishes

Wellness by Pedini bathroom furniture colors and finishes consist:

  • Doors
    • Laminate Doors
    • Lacquered Doors
      • Glossy
      • Matt
      • Microtextured
      • Oxidated Metal
      • Antique Metal
    • Wood Doors
      • Walnut
    • Glass Doors
      • Glossy
      • Matt
    • Ecomalta Doors
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