Modern Seattle Kitchens

Our Seattle kitchen designers create fully custom kitchens that are unique to each individual client. High-end contemporary kitchen design always considers aesthetics and functionality of equal importance and approaches both with the same level of innovation. As a result each Pedini kitchen is highly personalized with unique characteristics and embraces the humanist quality of European kitchen design:  living, eating, cooking, relaxing and entertaining.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Pedini kitchens utilize modular, frameless cabinetry to create a streamlined appearance, space efficiency, and ergonomic accessibility. Your drawers, trays, and pull-out cabinets will provide easier access to your cookware and food, while also providing an awe-inspiring aesthetic to guests. These are kitchen cabinets perfectly balanced with looks and functionality.


Here are components and traits of a modern kitchen you can discuss with Paul:

Pedini Kitchen Drawer strength


Our guarantee of quality extends fully to the structural elements. Every detail—feet, hinges, doors, tops, internal accessories—are engineered with the latest technology and the cabinets that hold them are built to maintain form and structure. Fabricated from 100% recycled material with no detectable amounts of formaldehyde—the Pedini kitchen is also the safest choice for you and your family.

Touch open kitchen cabinets


Pedini’s continuous research and feedback from previous clients ensures that Pedini’s products meet the demands of the modern kitchen. This can be seen in unique lighting solutions, sliding tables and doors, and host of other practical solutions. Each design by Pedini Seattle caters to the specific needs of the client, giving them a distinct kitchen for their lifestyle.

Pedini Kitchen Cabinet Doors


We have many door options — finishes, color, function — all durable, flexible, and toxin-free.

Kitchen Cabinet Handle


All Pedini Seattle kitchens include your choice of several distinct handles. From surface mounted to handle-less, the handles are designed to meet both the aesthetic and functional needs of the homeowner.

Pedini Kitchen Counter Surface


The kitchen worktop is of utmost importance when choosing a kitchen. They are susceptible to heat, humidity and staining. At Pedini Seattle we offer a wide variety of materials to choose from as well as the knowledge to assist in choosing the right worktop for the intended use.

Curved Kitchen Sinks


Subject to continuous use sinks are exposed to acids, oils and extreme temperature swings. For this reason sinks must be of excellent quality and be built with the latest technical advancements. Pedini Seattle offers a wide variety of manufactures, materials and configurations to meet our clients’ design and functional requirements.

Stove with modern ventilation system


In addition to Pedini SPA offering its own line of beautiful and functional hoods and cook-tops, at Pedini Seattle, we are up to date on all the latest appliance choices and innovations in the market place. Based on the cooking requirements of our clients, our design team can help you make an informed choice.

Custom Kitchen cabinet accessories pull out shelves


Creating a highly functional kitchen requires choices according to the different requirements that derive from lifestyle, character and age. With an emphasis on functionality and ergonomics, Pedini Seattle offers a wide variety accessories to meet these needs. 


Customers choose and refer their family, friends, and neighbors to Pedini Seattle because Paul understands the importance of efficient and beautiful kitchen renovation ideas. Paul knows the right kitchen design can mean the difference between a dysfunctional home and a happy, peaceful home where you enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, enjoy meals with family, and entertain friends.


Pedini Seattle has offered cutting-edge kitchen remodeling designs to homeowners who are looking for progressive kitchen renovation ideas since 2006. Paul, the owner of Pedini Seattle, believes that your kitchen should be designed as a pleasant, harmonious, and luxurious area of your home. The modern kitchen is for more than cooking and baking. Your kitchen is the center of the home and a place where you, your family and friends spend the most time. The modern kitchen is a reflection of your personal expression and lifestyle. Contact Pedini Seattle today!



Paul uses his extensive education and work experience to develop the best kitchen remodel ideas, and knows just how to bring the elements together to create a kitchen design that is unique and customized just for you. We work with you to select countertops, kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and flooring that enhance your space and fit your kitchen design perfectly.


Today’s kitchens also emphasize open space, comfort and adequate room for storage. Pedini Seattle recognizes that wide drawers and spacious cabinets that are functional and suitable for storing small appliances are an integral part of the modern kitchen. Paul incorporates the latest kitchen technology in his design, like modern kitchen cabinets, to give your kitchen a clean and uncluttered look. Contact Pedini Seattle today!


The design process starts with understanding your requirements, because no two families and no two kitchens are the same. Paul considers:

  • Who uses the kitchen?
  • How often do you cook or entertain?
  • Do you plan to stay in your home long-term?

We spend time with you to become familiar with your space and what you want to achieve in your kitchen. Schedule an appointment with Paul to visit your home, or visit our showroom.

Pedini Kitchen Install Process Infographic
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Complimentary On-Site Consultation

Work with one of Seattle's Best Kitchen Designers. Schedule a complimentary onsite consultation with Paul, the owner of Pedini Seattle. Get personalized kitchen, bath, and closet ideas for your home and lifestyle.

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