Pedini Walk-In Closets

The showpieces of stylish interior design. The Pedini walk-in closets confer shape and substance to the dreamlike concept of quality Made in Italy. A hallmark for exquisite, strong, safe, cutting edge products. They stand out for the pure quality of the raw materials and their ability to convey the feel of traditional fine workmanship using the technology of the future. A virtuous contamination that adds value to the functional and aesthetic qualities of a closet perceived as a dream come true.

Pedini Omnia – High End Italian Walk-In Closets

The elements are extremely modular and can easily be combined with the wide range of finishes, enhancing a design which interprets its environment as a life choice. Antares, Gemini, Virgo, Orion and Taurus are the five types of walk-in closet in the new Omnia collection, complemented by a range of modern free-standing storage containers and doors for separating or closing spaces. A wide-ranging line of design products with a natural, comfortable, elegant vibe, just waiting to be discovered and experienced.

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Gemini / rack

Elegance sweeps on to the stage in the bedroom with the practical, easily accessorized Gemini walk-in closet. Here technology is the star of the show, bringing to life amazing furnishings we couldn’t live without. Its prerogative is to be one step ahead of the rest, thanks to an ultra hi-tech integrated lighting system, producing a final result that cleverly exploits each and every detail. The extremely versatile rack solution enables you to create the closet of your dreams combining the classic lines of the frame with the design of its last generation components.

Antares / framed side

Antares is a walk-in closet with framed side that creates a stunning impact due to the perfect union of vertical and horizontal elements and the option to choose and integrate a modern lighting system. Ideal for particularly large spaces, it is composed of an open frame that can be accessorized with shelves, drawer units, clothes rails, pull-out accessories and lift mechanism. For open-plan solutions featuring free open spaces, favored by eclectic personalities, one can opt for a closet with hinged doors and transform it into a closet with classic lines. The final composition is a surprising, timeless, barrier-less solution.

Virgo / uprights

If you’re looking for a floor to ceiling closet, you’re in the right place. The Virgo walk-in closet is the interior design trend that best optimizes the space available, from floor to ceiling. The system is structured on uprights in tubular aluminum attached to the wall or stood on the floor and directly against the ceiling using a ferrule. The effect generated is that of the tidy, roomy walk-in closet of a star: a place that is easy to access, with different spaces where different garments and dresses for every occasion can be arranged. Forever versatile, it can also be positioned in the middle of the room to divide the space.

Orion / hanging uprights

The desire to look to the future is the inspiration behind Orion. State-of-the-art design is combined with artisan mastery to create a solution that instils emotion in the beholder. Featuring an upright with profile attached to the wall and an internal metal rack system for storing accessories at the desired height, the closet does not stand on the ground but is suspended. Its elegance is underlined by its classic lines developed upwards and enhanced by the finishes of the wooden components. These can be matched with aluminum elements chosen from a wide range of colors. 

Taurus / modular units

The ability to see beyond makes the Taurus walk-in closet a true must-have in the world of interior design. The pursuit of tidiness is a rule that becomes magic. It has the form of an open closet but is slightly shallower. It is composed of sides (thickness 2.5 cm) and modules with standard heights and widths that enable you to personalize your closet, mixing and matching elements and finishes. Grey metal and Champagne are the shades available for the aluminum components, enhanced by a tone on tone effect or by choosing a different color for the wooden elements, created with excellent quality raw materials.

Portali / portals

The stuff dreams are made of becomes reality with the walk-in closet doors. Designed specifically to accommodate the need for a tidy closet and different decorative requirements, the choice on offer includes hinged, folding or sliding doors. Style and technology are intrinsic to the details of the various closing systems, chosen based on look, comfort or the smart use of the space. This solution features sliding doors with external tracks. Customized to ensure maximum personalization, they are the result of a meticulous concept-creating and planning process, and created with high quality raw materials and state-of-the-art design.

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